01. Sep. 2023.

Managing spam messages: important changes

As per our previous notification, starting from today, spam messages will - by default - arrive in the Junk folder of your mailbox. If you receive an email with the subject marking {Spam?}, this change is behind it.

There is no action required on your part for emails with the {Spam?} subject that go to the Junk folder. They will be automatically deleted after 30 days.

The change comes with several advantages:

1.) Every email will arrive in your inbox, including mistakenly labeled spam and previously filtered messages. Managing your entire correspondence will be more organized and easier.

2.) There's no need to log into a separate interface to review spam emails. If your email client uses IMAP mode to fetch emails or if you use the Mail Center interface, the filtered emails can be accessed with a single click (Junk folder).

3.) Unlike the previous setup, filtered emails will remain accessible for 30 days instead of 14.