Why choose MediaCenter as your online partner?

The most important guarantee of MediaCenter's high quality service is a constantly growing and satisfied customer base.

Representative figures

- Our server park consists of 60 high-performance servers
- Domains managed by us: 49069 db
- Number of active hosting: 17833 db
- Number of email accounts: 102766 db
- During 2023 , our services achieved an average availability of 99.98%

Our customers said about MediaCenter...

"I constantly follow your innovative operation, and I can't leave without saying that as a website builder I encounter a lot of bad hosting providers, with whom it is a nightmare to work with, but your service and activity could be a role model for all Hungarian hosting providers. For my customers, I already rate you as the most trustworthy hosting provider in Hungary and I recommend you to them with a clear heart."

Attila Gulyás
Netbilding Kft.

"I found Mediacenter after several tries and have been enjoying their services ever since. I bring my clients' websites that I manage to them all the time, as they are smooth, very fast and professional. I can ask them anything at any time and they are happy to help me professionally. The icing on the cake is that the price is also very reasonable!"

Ferenc Tamás IT, teacher

"The servers are reliable, fast and able to handle high traffic.
Price/service ratio excellent.
Customer service is really professional, they were able to help me straight away if I was stuck on something."

Attila Krajcsovics
Globaling Kft.

"After many years of hosting abroad, I decided to host my website at home again. I was most impressed with the price/service ratio at MediaCenter, but later found that they responded faster than their foreign counterparts and were stronger in quality. I am happy to have you as a partner!"

Nebojsa Damjanovich
consultant and trainer

"MarketCom is an outsourced marketing and website development company. Before we got to know Mediacenter, we often struggled with which internet service provider to recommend to our SME customers when ordering hosting and domain names. We were disappointed with many big-name, well-known providers who offered these services at a higher cost, with comparatively slower and more cumbersome technical support, and, in our experience, on slower servers. In Mediacenter, we have found a technically skilled, fair and flexible partner, whom we recommend to all our clients. Of course, all MarketCom websites are also hosted on mediacenter."

Attila Simon

"Dear MediaCenter colleagues!

About a year has passed since our first conversations. A lot has happened to me and to your company in the past year! I can see that you are growing very well, which is a pleasure to see!

Of course, all I can see from this is that you are doing a better and better service and responding to my questions and requests with unbroken enthusiasm and helpfulness!

Does this help me all the time to feel safe and secure in my work which is increasingly important for me and of course for the users?

Thank you all very much for your work so far and I look forward to working together successfully in the years to come!"

Rudolf Brand
Brand Web-Ring Bt.

"To create professional websites for important players in the domestic economy, it is essential to be able to work on first-class machines and in a first-class software environment. MediaCenter provides Horizon Webstudio with exactly that: fast and reliable servers, a hassle-free software environment and helpful customer service. Thanks for this!"

Szabolcs Hörcsöki
Horizon Webstúdió

"Our design studio has been using the services of Mediacenter for years. On their servers, we have set up a number of websites for our partners, which can be easily maintained via the online administration interface, speeding up the administration of the website and email accounts. Domain registrations are handled very quickly and smoothly."

Róbert Bódis
bitbox design

"I chose Mediacenter as my hosting provider because they host on professional servers with high reliability, as opposed to many suspiciously cheap providers. Today, after a year, it is clear that I made the right decision, because I not only got a very reliable hardware backend, but also a very high quality, fast and efficient technical support for my money. What is also very important to me as a web developer is that I can host multiple domains on one hosting space and if a problem arises, I really can't ask a question that I don't know the answer to."

László Várkondi

"As the owner of VIP Budapest Hostess and Model Agency, we chose Mediacenter without a second thought when placing our web portal. The reason for our decision was that in more than 5 years of doing business with other companies, they have always provided impeccable quality service and support for our websites! After a few months of operation, we outgrew the standard service package, due to our rapidly growing database and the large number of visitors. We decided to move to a VIP server service. The transition has been smooth and seamless across the board. The new server is noticeably faster and we have many more resources at our disposal. With this technical background, we can introduce even more innovative services, unique in Hungary, to facilitate both our customer relations and the work of our hosts, hostesses and models. We count on MediaCenter in the future, as the continuous development of our portal is a key element of our long-term business strategy!"

VIP Budapest Hostess and Model Agency

"The IT security portal, Security Portal, was launched in 2004. Since the beginning, we have used the services of Mediacenter web hosting and email to operate the portal. When selecting a web hosting provider, we focused on cost-effectiveness, technical background and readiness, customer service precision and availability. Based on these criteria, we chose the MediaCenter. We havent regretted our decision since then, as the portal works without interruptions and all our services are efficiently supported by Mediacenter solutions. Thanks to the service providers regular improvements - announced in advance - the portal has been able to provide its readers with the latest news with high availability and speed since its launch. When running the Security Portal, we get all the help we need from Mediacenter staff, who also provide us with useful advice in our day-to-day work."

Csaba Kristóf
Főszerkesztő, Biztonságportál

"I have working with Mediacenter since 2004. At the time, a friend and I created a software that allowed everyone to see how much it would pay to get five, four, three and two of their own lottery numbers. Mediacenter was the only provider that agreed to create the web version of the programme and host it - for free. The operation was so successful that the commercial TV and radio picked it up. Radio Sláger, for example, announced the launch of the new programme as the leading news, which suddenly resulted in tens of thousands of listeners and a slowdown of the server - to the great joy of MediaCenter... The programme is now available in a more relaxed environment at lottotitka.sg.hu.

Mediacenter has since become my company's Internet service provider, and our correspondence has worked even in the most viral times. Through webmail, I can check my mail from anywhere in the world, and if we need a new email address, we can conveniently do it ourselves through the client portal. "

Dr. István Bóc
Arcelor Acélkereskedelmi Kft.

"Our company, Pranczék Könyvelési Irodája Kft., offers a new service in addition to bookkeeping and accounting activities, webdesign. Our goal is to create quality websites for small and medium sized businesses with related services (domain registration, hosting services). We chose MediaCenter as our partner, who are renowned for their flexibility and advanced technical background, as well as their affordable prices. We have been using the Company's services for almost a year. We are particularly pleased with the fast administration and the services provided by the web interfaces, such as setting up email accounts, etc.

We are especially grateful for the technical assistance provided. It is important to us that we can continue to offer the same high quality to our growing client base thanks to our online presence, and we will continue to use MediaCenter's services."

Ádám Prancz
Pranczék Könyvelési Irodája Kft

"I have been using your spam filter for a couple of weeks now, and in my experience it's significantly better than the filter provided by Google Apps (or Gmail). When I ordered your service years ago, I had no idea that our relationship would be so long and fruitful. Today I have several domains (Hungarian, Russian and international) with you, and I am completely satisfied with the quality of your service, not to mention the price."

Gábor Kum
Website: www.kumgabor.hu