10. May. 2023.

Two-factor authentication is introduced

Since the first phishing attacks last month, we have observed that unknown criminals are trying to obtain our clients' "Control Panel" passwords. We have been able to detect and repel these activities through log analysis so far. However, this may not be enough in the future. Therefore, starting today, we will introduce two-factor authentication for login, which is a secure defense solution to the problem.

The authentication process is as follows:

1. ) To log in to the Control Panel, you provide your ID/password, as before, by clicking on the Control Panel menu on the website.

2. ) Then an authentication window appears, offering to choose email addresses and phone numbers (partially visible for privacy reasons) registered in our system.

3. ) After selection, you receive a code that you can use to log in to the Control Panel.


- Every login identifies the browser for 24 hours, so there is no need to log in again within 24 hours.

- If you want to use an email address or phone number that is not registered in our system, you can enter it in the "Two-Factor Authentication" menu after logging in to the Control Panel. You can also provide multiple email addresses and phone numbers.

- You can use a mobile token for quick and regular login. You can find the necessary information under the "Two-Factor Authentication" menu after logging in to the Control Panel.

- The use of the system is mandatory, and we have introduced it for all Storage spaces starting today.

It is in our common interest to protect your data! Let's keep unauthorized people away!